Women’s Day 2014: Celebs talk most important women in their lives


To celebrate International Women’s Day today, BizAsia caught up with some well-known names both in the UK and abroad to give us a little insight into the most inspirational women in their lives. There was just one snag and that was they had to choose someone other than their mothers. Some managed it but other (rightfully) didn’t. Talk a look at what they said…

International Women's Day
International Women's Day special

Khushboo Grewal – Actor, Singer

For any girl I think the most important woman in her life is her mother. I think every girl idolises her mother and wants to be like her in every way. Similarly for me, I’ve looked up to my mother – professionally, personally and professionally in many ways. If I had to choose anyone but my mother then while growing it up it was my sister. I have a seven year age-gap with my sister and she was like my second mother. As I grew up, the age difference didn’t feel that much as we became friends and then best friends and then soul mates. That’s what my sister is to me. In some ways I idolise my sister, I think she’s the perfect daughter. She’s the most perfect quintessential daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, professional. She’s an extremely honest and pure soul. I don’t think I can ever match up to her purity. There’s so much I learn from her now that I have a family of my own like how to take care of your husband. Tomorrow when I have kids, there are so many things that I gather from her including her sensitivity towards other people. She’s so genuine and warm around everyone around her. I think it’s amazing.

Cary Rajinder Sawhney – Writer, Director, Programmer of film festivals

My mother is probably the most important woman in my life as we are now friends. We also spark off each other creatively and its truly inspiring to me that my mother has just published her first book Charlie Boy (a World War 1 adventure based on my English Grandfathers life) at the the sprightly age of 75. With a mother like that who wouldn’t believe anything is possible at any age!

Junai Kaden – Singer

The most important woman in my life after my mum isn’t just one person. I have two beautiful loving sisters who mean the world to me. The love between between me and my sisters is out of this world. They are the closest thing to my mum and they have similar attributes. They love dearly, care so much and always think about me first. We as brothers and sisters are inseparable and if the bond is strong like ours then nothing else can bring us down. The are my two gems Zoya and Aima.

Swami Baracus – Music artist & Rapper

In recognition to International Women’s Day, I look back on the most important woman in my life, who’s contributed most significantly to the person I am today… my grandmother. Growing up during Thatcher’s 80s meant both my parents were working long hours during the majority of my childhood, therefore my grandmother welcomingly took the role of being both a parent and a guardian. Her teachings in instilling morals, discipline, beliefs and most importantly, cultural values to my everyday ethics still resonate today. Just hearing about her journey and stories of struggle and achievement, make anything in my existence now pale in significance. The sacrifices she went through to enable her child (my mother) and future generations of offspring to have a more optimistic future, gives me the motivation to not waste any moment and always take on opportunities. It’s something that I’ll continue to pass on to my future children to ensure her teachings stay echoed for generations to come. Although she’s no longer with me now, I still strive to ensure her morals and beliefs are upheld in my everyday life and hope she’s continually watching over me, satisfied of having done a great job.

Rita Morar – Singer

My mother-in-law. She gives me blessings and support through all I achieve and protects me when I’m at my lowest. She helps guide me to love and cherish all. She always reminds me there no dream I cannot achieve and I just need to believe and perceive – for that, I am truly blessed.

Priti Menon – Singer

My music teacher is a huge inspiration in my life. ��She lives a life of simplicity despite of all the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. ��She believes in sharing every little bit of knowledge and passion that she has with everyone. ��She has built a place of worship in her front yard and people of all race and religion come there to find peace. ��Every Sunday, for as long as I can remember, she feeds the poor there and people from all over the city; Muslims, ��Christians n Hindus come and offer their prayers. She has taught me to love one and all without discriminating. ��I’ve learnt to be grateful for everything I have and learn to give without expecting anything in return.

Raj Baddhan – Operations manager, Sabras Radio

I would say my mum. I thank her for giving me the motivation, confidence and the direction in life to help me get to where I am now. Mums really know best and I will forever be indebted to her for the love she has showered me with. I couldn’t choose anyone but her!

Natasha Asghar – Presenter, ZEE TV

Most important women in my life would probably be my Nani and Maajee (Dadi) although I only met one of the two. I have to say they both created my beautiful parents who have experienced struggles and hardship raised 16 children between them and raised them to be independant, educated and compassionate human beings.

Mumzy Stranger – Singer, Songwriter

The most important person in my life has to be my wife hence why I married her…lol she is my back bone in every way let alone the mother of 2 beautiful boys now it doesn’t get better than that… My mother always told me it will be your wife who will love you as much if not more than me when I’m gone… Bless up.

Shay Grewal – Presenter, BBC London 94.9 FM

After my mum my mother-in-law is the the most important woman in my life. She has taught me that being strong comes from within! That unconditional love is paramount in any relationship – her love has encouraged me to become the independent married woman that you all know!

Samir Ahmed – PR & Marketing Manager

A mother is the most important person in anyone’s life. I have always been really close with my mum and she has given me incredible support in everything that I pursue. Without her love, strength and support I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Haroon Rashid – The Breakfast Show, BBC Asian Network

The most important women in my life apart from my mum would be my Dadi and my Nani. I call my Dadi my Amee-ji out of affection. They are both the next best thing to my mum who is also amazing. Throughout my childhood, they spent a lot of time instilling in me good manners, the etiquette and the characteristics that I have today. They’re both very strong women who came over to the UK in the 1960s and adapted to life over here. They’re very inspirational. The thing I most love about my relationship with them is that it’s not the same relationship as I have with my mum. As I’ve grown older, my Dadi and Nani have become more like my friends. I find myself going out of my way to do anything I can for them but I don’t think that would add up to even a fraction of what they’ve given me in raising me. I used to spend a lot of time with my Dadi when I was younger and she taught me some of the most basic skills like sharing, how you speak to your elders, the correct titles for the members of my family. I also value that they’ve taught me to be fluent in my mother tongue and also more about my culture and religion. It made me feel proud that I’m Pakistani at a very young age. It also helps that they’re very good cooks!

BizAsia would like to take this opportunity to wish all the women out there a very Happy International Women’s Day. We hope this collection of people have made you think about the most important women in your life… cherish them!

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