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Will Abhay Deol ever hit our screens as a zombie?

Abhay Deol's next amidst confusion

There is much confusion about Abhay Deol’s next venture where he is to play a zombie.��Due to many problems,��some say the film is being shelved whereas others deny those statements.

As reported by NDTV,��Deol had told reporters about the situation, “The film is not happening because the co-producer (Siddharth M Jain’s iRock) messed it up. There has been all kinds of news about the state of the film. But anything not attributed to me is false. I don’t know what they are going to do now.” He��went on to express his��disappointment with not finishing a film he had high hopes for.

Problems with the project that have suffaced include director Navdeep Singh getting into a brawl with the visual effects specialist Niraj Shanghai as well as the production house going over budget causing further delays to the film.

However, Tanuj Garg from Ekta Kapoor’s production house, Balaji Telefilms,��states the opposite, “The film is very much on. We are a cost-conscious company and we are working out the details about the budget. There is only a delay of couple of months for the film, but it is very much on.”