Waheeda Rehman recalls her most challenging role

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Rehman recalls her most challenging role
Rehman recalls her most challenging role

With around 83 titles under her belt, Waheeda Rehman proved herself a great actress throughout her career, continuing to dazzle the screens with super hits such as ‘C.I.D’ (1956), ‘Pyaasa’ (1958) and ‘Baat Ek Raat Ki’ (1962). However, not all of her films where that plain sailing as she explained.

Hindustan Times��addresses how Rehman found her role in ‘Guide’ ( (1965) rather difficult. Playing a character who was portrayed as quite unconventional at the time, Rehman expresses the many times she was criticised for taking up such a role, “…my colleagues in the industry said that I was doing a big mistake. They even said that this might be my last film because that was the phase when actresses in the industry were portrayed as submissive women,��We used to do love stories or family dramas where women were ideal in every role.”

Rehman plays a role of a courtesan in the film, opposite Dev Anand who plays the lead male, “…luckily, I had an open mind and took the project because it was a film and not real life. My character was an inspiration for me. When the film became a hit and everyone found my character interesting, I remember those same colleagues sent me telegrams appreciating my performance.”

Audiences too are glad she took the risk, with the film winning��nine awards including Rehman getting the best actress award. ‘Guide’ is an unforgettable film, which��helped Rehman’s career go from strength to strength.