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Vivian Dsena: “My fans are a blessing in terms of intruding”

Though he is not that active on social media, actor Vivian Dsena boasts of a generous fan following. He calls his fan a blessing and is grateful to them for believing in him always. Talking about his fans, he said, “They are very loving. They completely respect my privacy and this is what is different from my fans and that of the other actors.”

“Even though they can easily get into my life and find things about me, they still don’t, unless I say something or make an announcement. My fans are a blessing in terms of intruding,” he added.

The ‘Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’ actor also thanked them for always motivating him even though he doesn’t interact with them much. He said, “If I am working hard on a project and my fans love it, it’s my motivation. If my fans love it, then I have more pressure and more fuel to work hard for them.”

“They get entertained by my hard work, so I need to keep working hard because it’s basic economics, supply, demand, and expectations. They expect different from me and I try to be up to their expectations. My fans are a blessing for me because even though I don’t have a platform where I can interact with them, they still believe in me,” he added.

Vivian also shared his first fan moment and said that a couple of them asked for his photo and he obliged. Expressing his opinion on fans asking for photographs always he said, “We are more accessible now to people and somehow it works for a fan because some people may call an autograph real or fake, but a photograph is quite proof for a fan to adore his idol.”