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Vivian Dsena: “If you only want to gym & maintain physique, then become a bodybuilder”

While there are many fitness enthusiasts in showbiz, Vivian Dsena says that it takes a lot more than just a good physique to become a successful artist. The actor, who has been seen in shows such as ‘Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’ and ‘Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’, says that at the end of the day it all boils down to how you act. “If you only want to gym and maintain your physique, then become a bodybuilder. Don’t become an actor. Acting is the most important part of your career. I mean, how many times would you have to remove your t-shirt in front of the camera? Maybe, in say, 3-4 scenes? What about the rest of the time? How will you survive if you don’t know how to act?” says Vivian.

Talking about his own journey in showbiz, the actor says, “I have never ever tried to predict how my show will do or have any expectations. I have always left things to destiny. But I do make sure to give my everything to every project of mine. My show Shakti had such a different concept. If I had tried to evaluate if it would work or not, I would have never known what to do.”

The actor says that he has always tried to select shows based on the content and not on who else is in it. In fact, Vivian adds that making friends on set has never been a priority for him. “I have believed in professionalism and I don’t go to work thinking that a particular person should like me. Everybody has a different approach to life and other things. You should gel on screen. Offscreen, how you are and who you get along with really doesn’t matter,” he says.

Vivian says that he is someone who is happy with what he has achieved in life and is content. “I have never set any targets in life. I am always content and so grateful for what like has given me. I feel that is very important to be happy,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor says that he is happy TV has expanded its scope besides saas-bahu shows. “TV has a lot of new content now. New kinds of shows are coming. This is a very good development. The audience also wants to see fresh, more realistic content on the small screen, which is great,” he says.