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Vivian Dsena to celebrate birthday with family

Vivian Dsena, who turns a year older on 28th June, plans to spend the day with his mother. The actor says that his mother has already made plans to celebrate the special day. “I will be spending time with my mother and taking her out. She is planning to visit some temples, so I will be with her visiting a few temples,” he says, adding, “In fact, she has already gifted me a camera.”

The actor says while all his birthdays have been special, his seventh birthday was unforgettable. “My seventh birthday was amazing when my father gifted me a dog. His name was Jimmy and that was the best birthday gift I had ever got. I was a single child and I wanted company so my father gifted me the dog,” he says.

Ask him if he has any birthday wishes, and he says, “I want to a better actor and I hope that people continue to like my work. I am trying to improve every day. I am focusing on my fitness too. I have a lot of setbacks due to injuries but now I am getting back to shape. I hope I succeed in that.”

And what about gifts? “I haven’t really thought of that as yet. I keep buying gadgets, I am fond of perfumes too. I usually spend money on football shoes. I have a collection of about 50 football shoes already,” he says. Vivian was spotted with three cakes sent by fans on the sets of Shakti on Tuesday.