Vishal Dadlani responds to ‘Indian Idol 12’ contestant’s “complaint”

Vishal Dadlani

With the shoot of ‘Indian Idol 12’ underway, judge Vishal Dadlani shared on his Instagram, “The Theatre Round is the toughest day for the judges. Today, we pick the very best from amongst our own choices in the auditions. This is the day judges argue, fight, go a little crazy and also fall in love with the voices we choose to take the season forward & Upward.”

Now, reacting to one of the contestants, who complained that he cleared the auditions but was not called to Mumbai. The fine mentor that Dadlani is, did not take time and responded to him immediately. Dadlani said, “Just went to your profile and heard two songs you’ve recorded. Beet janiya and Tum Hi Ho. Bro, you can sing but you need to work harder. Indian Idol mein main khud contestant hota toh audition tak nahi pahuchta, shayad. But, yeh dhokha nahi hai. somebody did you a favor, because if you do the work and come, you have the chance of going far. Right now, you wouldn’t. Forgive me for being frank, and come and prove me right next time.”

To this the participant was extremely happy and felt motivated. He said that he will come there next time and surely win. Such words of encouragement have truly made Vishal Dadlani one of the most loved judges on Indian television.