Vishal Bhardwaj to launch son Aasman in May

Shyama Sudra



With the list of star kids on the rise, news has it that filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj will soon be launching his son Aasman in the film industry.

Talking to the media was Bharadwaj’s wife Rekha, who expressed that her son will begin his career after he’s finished studying his film making course in America. “My son is completing filmmaking in NYFA and we will launch him as a director in May. He also composes music and makes Vishal listen to them. Both father and son duo bond over film making,” Asian Age reports the doting mother stating.

Talking of the types of films her son would like to make, Mrs Bhardwaj went on to say, “Most boys like the thriller genre. He is a bundle of talent and has inherited all our qualities. Whenever he comes up with something, whether it is a piece of writing or lyrics, we don’t smother him with appreciation. Instead, we encourage him to make it better. He feels excited and tries to give his best.”

However, if what she said next is anything to go by, the young hopeful won’t only be known for his work behind the camera. “He knows that he has to learn a lot. He loves filmmaking but he is interested in music as well. He has heard classical riyaaz during my practise sessions at home and he would mimic me. I have seen his work in the short film which had songs written by Gulzaar saab and Vishal composed it,” she expressed.

With a whole host of new multi-talents, it seems Bhardwaj Junior will be a perfect addition to that list.