There’s a list of Bollywood directors that every Bollywood actor and beyond wants to work with, and Vishal Bhardwaj is one of them, but Bhardwaj wants to work with his ‘Kaminey’ (2009) actor Priyanka Chopra. He is keen on making a Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ with her.

Bhardwaj told Hindustan Times, “Ek to she’s a huge star, vo to sab ko pata hai par she’s a very real person. When you are with her, you don’t feel that Priyanka is a star. Mujhe lagta hai Priyanka dost hai (I feel Priyanka is my friend). Matlab uske sath yaron wali baat hai. Priyanka is now a huge international star; I met her 3-4 times in New York. But she’s still the same, and we both are looking forward to work with each other. Most probably I’ll do my [adaptation of, Shakespeare’s] Twelfth Night with her.”

Bhardwaj last directed ‘Rangoon’ (2017).

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