Virat Kohli and his Bollywood actress girlfriend, Anushka Sharma are known to be the darling of the masses.

A lot is reported about both of them but neither react to any speculation unless they need to. While, Sharma may get hounded by her film critics, Kohli will be judged for his performance on ground.

Talking about this, Kohli told the Hindustan Times, “As an individual, the only thing that’s in my hand is preparation and [having] a [positive] mindset. And I am fully committed for that. In fact, I make sure that I am absolutely giving it my all to prepare and think in a certain way. After that, I just go out and enjoy myself. For me, it’s about doing my duty for the team and the sport that has given me everything. So, to me, what people say or write about me does not matter at all, not even one per cent.”