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Vipul Amrutlal Shah spends Rs. 5.5 crore on song in ‘Namaste England’?

As audiences wait with much anticipation for its release in October, it seems director Vipul Amrutlal Shah is already giving them a lot to think about when it comes to his forthcoming film ‘Namaste England’. News has it that the filmmaker has just included the most expensive song in the film.

Starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, Shah caught up with the media and spoke about the film and the song titled ‘Tu Meri Mein Tera’. “The song is an integral part of the film where we show Arjun and Parineeti’s characters travelling from Punjab to London. We did a lot of research and created an interesting route to reach our destination. We are showcasing it in real time. We started the journey in Punjab, and travelled to Bangladesh border, Dhaka, Brussels, Calais check post in France, and from there to Paris and London. Around 18-20 locations feature in the song. We have even shot in the middle of the sea,” Bollywood Hungama report Shah stating.

The report went on to add, how Shah had spent up to 5.5 crores on the song, as he added, “I generally don’t talk about numbers but yes, it is the most expensive song I have shot in my life. It was canned in over 11 days. I direct tracks that don’t require choreography by myself in my films and who better than Javed (Akhtar) saab for a travel song. It’s emotional and high on quality. We will decide the singer once we’re back in Mumbai.”

With some of the promo posters out, it already seems as though many have taken a huge interest with Kapoor and Chopra coming back together on screen after their debut in 2012. Having shot in many locations around the UK already, ‘Namaste England’ has been slated for release on 19th October.