Vikram Bhatt on ‘Ghost’: “I have to be scared to okay a shot”

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Director Vikram Bhatt is gifted with the talent to haunt and scare fans out of their wits but what goes into making a film that shakes one up? On asking the director about his vision while making horror films, he revealed that he waits till he is scared of the shot. Now that’s something absolutely unusual! Coming up with a new film titled ‘Ghost’ starring Sanaya Irani and Shivam Bhaargava, Vikram Bhatt had earlier said that this is definitely the scariest film of his career and with the maestro of the horror genre helming it.

“For a horror filmmaker, there is a different kind of approach that we take in order to be able to create fear in the viewers. For me, I work the other way around – I create fear in myself first. I have to be scared to okay a shot. A scene in which Sanaya had to come out petrified, we re-shot it till I was petrified myself! This method has worked for me in the past because if I can live it, so can the audiences. I hope Ghost will meet the expectations of the viewers”, says Vikram Bhatt.

‘Ghost’ will take fans on the riveting journey of Karan Khanna who has been accused of killing his wife but believes she has been murdered by a spirit. What follows is a story of inspired and absolute insanity which will have cinemagoers biting their nails in shock and fear. Bhatt shared that the idea of ‘Ghost’ came to him when he read a newspaper article about how a British court allowed a matter involving spirits to be tried. He was intrigued and decided to channel his energy into this film. ‘Ghost’ is directed by Vikram Bhatt will release in cinemas on 18th October.