Vikas Malu opens up after wife accuses him in death of Satish Kaushik

Azha Khan



After the demise of Satish Kaushik, news surfaced about the actor allegedly being murdered. Initially, it was suspected that Kaushik passed away from natural causes leading to a heart attack.

However, speculation has been rife after a woman who claims to be the wife of Delhi-based businessman, Vikas Malu, alleged that he had killed Kaushik. Reports suggest that Malu had taken Rs. 15 crore from Kaushik for investment purposes in Dubai.

Opening up about the allegations, Malu told Times Now, “Satish Ji has been my family for the past 30 years and it did not take minutes for the world to use my name in the wrong light. I can’t fathom the tragedy that happened after our beautiful celebration together. I’d like to break the silence and say that a tragedy is always unforeseen and no one has any power over it. With this, I’d like to request the members of the media to respect everyone’s sentiments. Satish Ji will always be missed at all our celebrations coming forth.”

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