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Vijay Raaz breaks silence on molestation allegations against him

Vijay Raaz was recently accused by a female crew member of a forthcoming film of molestation. The actor, who attended a police question session on the apparent incident, has spoken out.

“Women’s safety is of prime concern. I have a 21-year-old daughter, so I understand the gravity of the situation. I am all for an investigation by the authorities. However, to ostracise me, suspend and terminate my services from my forthcoming films even before any sort of investigation, is shocking,” said the actor, according to TOI.

It’s thought that the female was working on Raaz’s next ‘Sherni’ when the alleged incident took place. He added, “I have no words to express. It’s a very dangerous place to be in. I have been working in the film industry for 23 years! People are bound to make judgements without hearing the other side of the story. No matter what the outcome of this case, aap pe ek thappa lag jaata hai. I have been pronounced guilty even before the investigation”.

“My right to earn a livelihood is badly affected. Am I not the victim here? My old father who lives in Delhi, also has to face the society and so does my young daughter,” Raaz concluded.

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