Vijay Lalwani joins ZEE5’s ‘The Final Call’ as director

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


ZEE5’s ‘The Final Call’ is one of the most anticipated Originals this year. There has been a lot of excitement around it, especially after the release of the first two teasers. Reputed for his edgy new age treatment and known for his psychological thrillers, ZEE5 has roped in well-known director Vijay Lalwani to shoot this upcoming Original, the perfect man for the job. Lalwani has taken the role of writing and directing the series.

Shot across stunning locales in Kashmir, Kochi, Thailand and London, ‘The Final Call’ also marks the digital debut of Arjun Rampal and Javed Jaffrey who are joined by talented actors Neeraj Kabi, Sakshi Tanwar and others. Vijay and the crew have already done a fantastic job of keeping the audience hooked and eagerly waiting for the premiere on 22nd February.

About his association with ZEE5, writing and directing ‘The Final Call’, Vijay Lalwani said, “I realized early on when I met ZEE5 that they had a vision for something amazing. They had an eye for good content and they backed it up with scale, budget and talented technicians to do it the right way. They were encouraging and supportive of the creative process. I was also really inspired by the book and its message. The content is a mix of thrill and philosophy, an unexplored territory and that excites me.”

He further added, “The crew has been the pillar of the show. It’s been a great privilege working with them. They went through extreme hardships to get the right kind of footage and didn’t leave any stone unturned to achieve what was required. It is one thing to have the talent it’s quite another to have the right attitude and I was lucky enough to work with a crew that had both. It is a great rush doing this project and being a part of something with meaning.”

Slated to premiere on 22nd February 2019, ‘The Final Call’ is set to take audiences on an unforgettable journey of life and death.