Vidya Balan loves taking credit for women-centric films

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

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Vidya Balan

Love her or not, it’s fair to say Vidya Balan has definitely paved her way into the minds of audiences, so much so that it’s difficult to not be interested in what her next move will be. Knowing that she’s made such an impact with her choice of films, the actress seems to be taking it all in her stride.

When one talks about women-centric films, Balan is probably one of the first names to be associated with that genre, where many more have followed. Talking to the media about this, NDTV��reported the actress expressing,��”I am a greedy actress. So I just jumped into these great opportunities and those films (‘Dirty Picture’ (2011) and ‘Kahaani’ (2012) did in a way paved the way for the success of those films (heroine-led movies that followed).”

“I��love to take credit for it (that women-centric movies are also making money now). I am extremely humbled when anyone says that. But the truth is that I think cinema reflects reality and the reality around us is that more and more women are leading lives on their own terms,” she went on to add.

In the attempt to connect with a wider audience, films that represent women in the same strong and heroic light as men, is something that is doing well. Talking about this, Balan expressed, “That is finding representation on screen making for more well-rounded characters, not just black or white, not characters you just glorify or vilify. They are more people; they are more human. So, I think audiences also want to see that… these films are doing well.”

Talking about her career as an actress there were recent rumours which stated that Balan was all set to join the Telugu film industry��too. “I am waiting for a good offer. Would be more than happy to do it,” she stated.

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