Vicky Kaushal on engagement rumours with Katrina Kaif: “I’ll get engaged soon enough”

Ketna Mistry



Speculation over Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s relationship status has been in circulation for a while now, and though both have denied any truth to this a new rumour has created interest suggesting the pair are soon to be engaged.

According to Hindustan Times, when Kaushal was recently interviewed by a daily he mockingly said the rumour was created by the media but then also mentioned that it was likely he will get engaged soon, “The news was circulated by your friends (laughs). I’ll get engaged soon enough, when the time is right. Uska bhi time aayega (the time will come).”

Kaushal’s brother, Sunny Kaushal was also quizzed over the rumours who said, “I remember that Vicky had gone to the gym in the morning when the rumours started coming. So, when he returned home, mom and dad funnily asked him, ‘Arre yaar, teri engagement ho gayi, mithai to khila de (We heard you got engaged, please treat us to sweets)’. And then Vicky told them, ‘Jitni asli engagement hui hai, utni asli mithai bhi kha lo (Since the engagement is imaginary, the sweets will be too)’.”

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