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Vicky Kaushal now in a different league?

It’s no secret that Bollywood has produced some very fine actors who have moved up the ladder rather quickly, and to the surprise of critic and audiences alike. One such actor is Vicky Kaushal, who has gone from being placed in supportive roles, to now being one of the most sought after actors in the industry. And it seems those who had worked with him before, find him now way out of their league to work with him again.

“I don’t think I can get the same actor for the same price. His market has changed,” Deccan Chronicle reports one director expressing.

It went on to add, “I don’t  know whether he has changed. But he now hangs around with Karan Johar and his ilk. So I guess they advise him on how to move forward in life, And  that’s a good thing.”

Though this may be seen as a good thing, there have been rumours that the success is changing the actor, who has allegedly broken up with Harleen Sethi rather quickly. “Vicky now thinks he should be dating Katrina Kaif or Alia Bhatt. He is climbing up that ladder so fast he can’t see the ground below him,” another director expressed.

It this is anything to go by, it seems the actor won’t be showing any signs of stopping having had a taste of success. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get too big for his own boots.

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