Venue refuses to give bride £16K deposit back for cancelled wedding

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With the coronavirus pandemic putting a huge number of people’s plans on hold, the government have put in measures to ensure those affected don’t miss out on too much when it came to their finances, especially those who were due to get married and had already placed huge sums of deposits for their ceremonies. However, not all venues have abided by these terms, including Excellency Midlands who have refused one bride her £16,000 deposit after she had to cancel due to the lockdown.

According to BBC News, Alisha Rehman was all set to tie the knot in July, until she, like everyone else, had no choice but to cancel due to the social distancing laws. Despite rules stating couples are entitled to their refunds, Rehman has been left on hold from East Midlands about her refund, where they hadn’t even shown up on the occasion of a meeting to discuss getting her money back.

“My wedding was initially booked for July, then because of the pandemic, clearly nothing can go ahead. We’ve given them £16,000 and they are not giving us a penny back,” she was reported explaining.

Not knowing how long they would have to wait to proceed with the wedding, Rehman and her husband decided to hold a small ceremony in her mother-in-law’s garden.

Addressing the issue of her finances, the bride went on to add, “It’s taken my whole life to save that and they’re not even giving us a penny. It stresses me out… it’s just a joke.”

Excellency Midland themselves have been caught out in not abiding by the rules. Recent news revealed that last month the wedding venue was hit with a £10,000 fine after police found they had hosted a wedding party of 120 guests, where they have also been banned from hosting events until government measures lift.

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