Vectone channels closedown & removed from Sky


Asian broadcaster Vectone has officially closed down its numereous TV ventures today. All nine channels were unexpectedly removed from the EPG channel line-up this evening.

The network which consisted of nine Asian language/cultural channels, had two full time channels, and another six sharing the same capacity, but on six different EPG numbers, four hours each.

The Vectone network had been a subscription service, costing �9.99 per month per channel but they had stopped taking new subscriptions some weeks ago.

The most recent channel to join the network was Vectone 2U, a music channel broadcasting 2200-0200 only and was in clear. A test had started for forthcoming channel Vectone World, broadcasting between 1400-1800, but this ceased only yesterday (it was labelled 53164). Over the past few days, some of the part-time four hour only channels had once again changed their transmission hours, broadcasting three hours on and three hours off.

If you call the subscription number now you get “Welcome to Barablu. Please call back at 9am”. The channel Barablu had not actually started broadcasting as far as we know. The subscription number was 0207 179 2222.

More information on the Vectone closure can be obtained from our sister site Sky Digi Online here.

Vectone was unavailable for comment. We will bring you more on the developments (if any!) from the Vectone TV network.

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