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Varun Dhawan’s ‘Coolie No.1’ not a remake

A little while back Varun Dhawan was announced to star in the remake of ‘Coolie No.1’ (1995), though his father David Dhawan assures that the film will not be the same.

Reported on Asian Age, the director says the film will not be the same as the classic comedy hit, which originally starred Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. “How can it be the same? My original Coolie No.1 was made 24 years ago. That was a different era. Everything from clothes to language to morals have changed. What was unacceptable back then is acceptable now, and vice versa,” explains Dhawan.

Dhawan who made a number of hits with the king of comedy back in the 90’s, says his son can’t be cast in the veteran actor’s place. “Varun is nothing like Govinda; nobody is like Govinda. He was one of his kind. To even think of making Varun do a Govinda is asking for trouble,” added Dhawan.

Sharing a possible idea of how the film may shape up, the ‘Judwaa 2’ (2017) director says, “We may take the core of the idea from the original and turn it around completely. One thing I can promise you is that even Govinda won’t be able to recognise Varun’s Coolie No. 1 as a descendant of the 1995 film.”