When Varun Dhawan made Nargis Fakhri faint

Pranks seem to now be something of the norm when it comes to making a film, most of which are always taken light heartedly. So when Varun Dhawan and debut actor Siddharth Gupta played a prank on Nargis Fakhri, they weren’t expecting her to react in the way she did.

Reports have it that Dhawan and Gupta had planned to scare Fakhri, where they arranged a man to stand outside the elevator in which the actress was due to come out from, and have a gun in his hand. Times of Indiareported a source explaining what happened next, “Nargis screamed aloud and was so scared that she fainted.She was inconsolable and it took a while for the guys to pacify her.”

With the prank having gone wrong, it’s sure to say that these boys won’t be playing such tricks in a while… or will they?