Vahbiz Dorabjee hits back at rumours of demanding huge alimony from Vivian D’Sena


Vahbiz Dorabjee has hit back at rumours that she has demanded huge sums of alimony from her husband Vivian D’Sena in their ongoing divorce settlement.

Taking to social media, Dorabjee put the record straight and clarified the situation. She said, “To the people most concerned about my divorce. Have you ever found yourself at a juncture and said WHY and more so WHY ME? Have you gone through the darkest of days and asked why did this happen to me? And then imagine if your integrity, womanhood, life, choices and everything you do is questioned. And making it all the much worse is the questions raised aren’t coming only from people close to you but more so from people who you don’t know and aren’t even a part of your life. And then you are told ‘Oh dear’ that is the price you pay for ‘being a celebrity!!!’ And oh yes you should get used to these kind of character assassination! I choose to say NOOO, MY LIFE IS NOT A CIRCUS! Every celebrity is a human being first! I am a daughter, a sister and a friend… and a person with a heart, emotions, a mind and pain….Just because I smile constantly doesn’t mean I am not HURT!”

She continued, “It’s very easy to wash your dirty laundry in public, believe me everyone loves this type of gossip! But I want to question those who have the power of the pen in targeting my divorce, alimony and my life and ask you how are you so sure? Some of you say I have demanded ‘X’ amount of alimony, really? Were you in court to see this happening? Neither of the parties involved in the case has ever mentioned any of the things you speak about….so who are your so called SOURCES? Why not bring them out in the open rather than having them hide behind closed closets? Who gives you the authority and the right to question legal proceedings without knowing or checking the facts?”

She added, “And then some of you say, “She comes from a well off family so how can she ask for allimony?” So a marriage isn’t between two people but rather the finances of their families? And guess what? Those who are asking such questions are ‘women’ themselves. Why is our gender bringing itself to its own doom? When a woman takes a stand, she takes it for all the women out there….The fight is for ‘JUSTICE’ what does have to do coming from a rich or poor family? I AM A WOMAN and I am Going to FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS!!!”

She concluded by saying, “I am once and for all speaking to all the women as well as men out there and requesting you all to stop! I draw my line and say this is all that is and I choose to draw that line not because I am weak or because I am the one at fault but because that’s what my family has taught me from childhood…. To Live a life of Dignity, Honesty, Smiles, Laughter, Joy and most importantly Emotions and Love! My silence is not my weakness but in fact my greatest strength as the woman I have been raised to be… #CelebrateBeingAWoman #SayNoToNegativitiy #StandUpForYourself #FightForJustice #StopItForOnceAndAll”

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