Vaahan Magazine launched in UK


Vaahan Magazine was launched last week on Tuesday 28th November hosted by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.

The launch was in collaboration with the High Commission of India and was also a celebration of Constitution Day. It was attended by writers, journalists, bankers, entrepreneurs, academics, diplomats, lawyers and business leaders.

At the event, Baroness Verma said that she was “proud of the initiative and that the political discourse needs a young voice. Young people have been too quiet for too long, Vaahan should be a magazine of honesty and of candid discourse, including the voices of all people.”

Roger Evans, former Deputy Mayor of London, noted that there was “a great diversity of experience in the room” and urged all to write for Vaahan. He added “with Brexit, we will be increasingly reliant on our links with the rest of the world, looking beyond Europe. We need to build our business links and Vaahan will give us a great opportunity to do that. God bless Vaahan and all who write for her.”

Patrick Maddams, Director and Sub Treasurer of the Inner Temple gave a background to the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple where Gandhi, Nehru, Shyamji Krishna Verma and Jinnah had all studied law. The Inner Temple were “delighted to host the reception being proud of their links to India and the importance of Vaahan due to its contemporary nature.”

Prerna Lau Sian, CEO and Founder of Vaahan, stated that “Vaahan had been successfully launched in the Turkish Parliament and Presidential Palace in Ankara the previous week and it was exciting to launch Vaahan in London. Vaahan means vehicle in Sanskrit and the magazine would serve as a vehicle of knowledge and power to fight for justice.”

The Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid had been unable to attend due to an important budget vote and sent the following message which was read to guests:

“Good evening. I would like to send my best wishes and to congratulate you on the launch of Vaahan. From Ankara to London, and next, Delhi, it’s exciting to follow the international success of Vaahan. Congratulations to Prerna and the whole team at Vaahan, who have made this possible – your hard work has paid off and you should be very proud. Best wishes once again.”

Ms Ajungla T. Jamir, First Secretary (Co-ordination/CPIO/OCI/ Women in Distress Cell), brought greetings from the High Commission and stated that “Vaahan is a unique and different initiative. Dr Ambedkar is the father of the Indian Constitution which is the longest written constitution in the world. The Indian High Commission in the UK are happy and proud to see that the Indian community are doing so well in UK, many of whom are present at the launch.”

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