Uorfi Javed apologises for hurting sentiments with the outfits she wears

Azha Khan



Uorfi Javed always amazes her fans with her outstanding fashion sense, and her DIY outfits catch all the gazes. While she is admired for her bold looks, there are times when she leaves netizens completely stunned by posting her videos and photos on her social media handles. And each time Uorfi is spotted in public, her small stints also catch everyone’s attention. The diva, who was to date known for her impeccable dressing insights, will no longer be seen in the same bold attire.

Yes, you read that absolutely, Uorfi’s fashion sense is remarkable, and in recent times, her outfit has inspired many big celebrities, from Bollywood to Hollywood—even Miss Thailand, who wore a dress created with Soda Can Tabs for the Miss Universe Pageant, was also inspired by Uorfi Javed. The actress is currently on the A-list of the biggest designers in the globe, and lately, after Kareena Kapoor Khan praised her aura, she was on the ninth sky, but now she has asked for apologizes from all for hurting everyone’s sentiments and also from now she will not be seen in the DIY bold outfits.

Paparazzi, who are often seen eager to capture a small glimpse of her on the streets of Mumbai, are all shaken by the recent tweet of Uorfi as she took to her official Twitter handle and conveyed a tweet which says, “I apologise for hurting everyone’s sentiments by wearing what I wear. From now on you guys will see a changed Uorfi. Changed clothes. Maafi.” this tweet of her has created havoc all over the internet and her fans have gone stunned after this tweet.

Now to see what Uorfi Javed comes up with as she is admired by a lot of people for her appearances all over the events and fashion shows, for more updates stay tuned.