UMP Movies and Sikh Channel breach Ofcom rules


Both UMP Movies and Sikh Channel are in trouble with the media regulator Ofcom for breaching broadcasting rules.

UMP Movies – excessive advertising
UMP Movies was found in trouble for exceeding the advertising time limit in any one hour. In Rule 4 of the Code on the Scheduling of Television Advertising (COSTA) states that advertising in any one hour must not
exceed 12 minutes.

However at various times in April 2012, the channel exceeded advertising by 38 seconds to 310 seconds.

UMP said it “regretted the errors” and added “that they occurred unintentionally without any aim to derive benefits, gains or commercial minutage�۝.

Ofcom noted that UMP Movies significantly exceeded the permitted 12 minutes of advertising per clock hour on nine occasions therefore breaching Rule 4 of COSTA in each case.

Sikh Channel – no alternative view
Ofcom has found Sikh Channel in breach for airing a live discussion show without an alternative view.

The programme raised a complaint from a viewer who said it contained “inflammatory” content about the Indian Government and “no alternative views” concerning the situation of the Sikh community in India.

Sikh Channel said: “Given the nature of the topic, show producers contacted representatives of all major Sikh organisations, the Indian Government affiliates, Indian National Overseas Congress and BJP. However, the majority of organisations contacted either did not respond or said they would not be able to attend.”

Sikh Channel have said that “as a precautionary step, we have suspended all shows that have attracted complaints or allegations or impartiality”.

Ofcom considered that the programme did not contain any alternative views and therefore the channel was found in breach of Rule 5.5.

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