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UK Ratings: ‘Khaas’ delivers nearly five times audience of Geo TV’s ‘Alif’

Hum TV’s ‘Khaas’ has emerged as the UK’s No.1 show in the Pakistan genre, getting nearly five times the audience of rival Geo TV’s top show ‘Alif’, according to data for week ending Sunday 20th October.

‘Khaas’ delivered a humongous 112,200 viewers – making it the biggest of the week, beating all shows including Indian TV shows. Meanwhile, ‘Alif’ on Geo TV could only manage 24,900 viewers as the channel’s top show.

1. Khaas (Hum TV)
Audience: 112,200 viewers

2. Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb (Hum TV)
Audience: 98,700 viewers

3. Main Na Janu (Hum TV)
Audience: 56,300 viewers

4. Ehd-e-Wafa (Hum TV)
Audience: 50,300 viewers

5. Kun Faya Kun (Hum TV)
Audience: 42,800 viewers