UK music report highlights a progress in diversity since 2016

Jeetesh Luhar



There has been a significant increase in the number of black, Asian and minority ethnic staff in the music industry since 2016, a new report says.

The proportion of minority ethnic employees has risen from 15.6% in 2016 to 22.3% this year, according to trade body UK Music. The report also noted that representation is worse in higher-paid jobs, reports the BBC.

And overall, female representation was at 49.6% in 2020 – roughly the same as in 2016.

UK Music, the body which represents the recorded and live music industry, conducts a diversity study every two years since it began in 2016. The latest report falls in line with moves in the industry to better support the black community in particular, with initiatives such as #BlackoutTuesday, prompted by George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter campaign.

However, UK Music said more still needed to be done, and its latest report was accompanied by a 10-point plan to improve diversity.

UK Music chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin said, “As an industry, we are united in our determination to lead the way on improving diversity and inclusion in our sector and across society.

“It’s relevant not just to the music industry, but to organisations everywhere. If our music industry is to tell the story of modern-day Britain, then it needs to look like modern-day Britain too.”

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