A new channel from Cultural Academy UK, is gearing to launch two new channels in the coming weeks.

The first being UK Asia TV, which aims to bring local lifestyle content to British Asians. According to its website, UK Asia TV will be different to others by concentrating purely on local shows than imported content.

“Majority of programmes do not reflect on lifestyle of Asians within the UK. The Asian Sky channels mostly concentrate on events and programmes occurring in Asian Countries. Such programmes do not help Asian Community integrate with other Communities.”

It further added, “UK Asia TV aims to provide services to meet the needs of this community by providing a forum for discussion and debate, community inclusion, advice on education and health issues and entertainment that would be acceptable to their specific needs.”

UK Asia TV will broadcast from Bradford when it launches later this year. The channel is awaiting an EPG slot from Sky Digital.

The company has also been awaiting an EPG slot from Sky for its ready to launch, Madini Channel. It was initially expected to go live in the summer but was delayed due to reasons unknown.