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Ujjwal Chopra confirmed to play dark character in digital show ‘Hankaar’

Supporting characters have always found a special place in the hearts of movie-goers in India. One such memorable character was the valiant Senapati Gora Singh from ‘Padmaavat’. The character was one of the talking points of the film and came to be recognized as a symbol of the Rajputana pride, as he fought with honor till his last breath. The actor playing Gora Singh, Ujjwal Chopra, received accolades for his performance. Having played mostly positive roles, Ujjwal is now gearing up to play the primary antagonist, a dreaded underworld mafia called ‘Z’, in Hungama’s next original show titled ‘Hankaar’.

A high-octane drama, ‘Hankaar’ takes the audience on an intriguing journey through the seedy underbelly of Mumbai. Ruled by the dreaded underworld don, Z (Ujjwal Chopra), Mumbai is just a chessboard for him with its residents, merely pawns. With the reins of the city in his hands, Z ensures that every major criminal business in the city belongs to him and every individual is under his thumb.

The show introduces us to five individuals, seemingly unrelated to each other, from different strata of society, each trying to realize the big city dream and make their life better. They know their journey is going to be difficult and are aware that their aspirations might require them to navigate the crooked path of crime. Yet, they remain unaware that they are merely puppets being controlled by the mysterious Z.

Excited about his role, Ujjwal Chopra said, “Z is quite different from what I have played so far. He is mysterious, dangerous and quite the opposite of the courageous, Gora Singh. Both of these roles were poles apart and extremely challenging to play. While Gora Singh required me to uphold certain ideals, Z is a man devoid of any compassion. I am certain the audience will appreciate me in this new avatar as well.”

‘Hankaar’ is scheduled to premiere this week on Hungama Play.