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Udit Narayan on Amit Kumar’s ‘Indian Idol’ comments post Kishore Kumar special

The recent Kishore Kumar special episode of ‘Indian Idol’ has been making headlines everyday since the broadcast. Amit Kumar, son of the legendary singer was a guest star on the show and had later said that he was asked to praise all the contestants no matter what. The host of the show Aditya Narayan also confirmed the same.

Amit also added that he did not enjoy the episode at all. However, Udit Narayan has now responded to the controversy. The singer called his son Aditya’s behaviour childish and added that Amit should not have said such things after coming out of the show., reports Spotboye. He said, “I saw Amit’s episode, I could see that he enjoyed it. When you agreed to be on the show, you should not have said such things after coming out. We are often invited so we can watch new talent and also polish them, we are also paid for this. This process of learning and teaching continues throughout life. Often, we are not too strict with talent, fearing they may be overwhelmed with negativity.”

When talking about his son, Udit said that he is not yet mature. “He is childish and emotional. He has been on the show for some time and has got attached to it. That is why he got too sensitive. If you see, no one from the platform spoke and the entire burden came upon Aditya,’ the singer said.

Aditya was criticised online for his comments. And in reply he said, “To all trolls who are trolling and lashing out at me I say, Shashtaang Pranaam to all and God bless you.”

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