Two new radio plays to hit BBC Asian Network

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


After the successful stint of ‘Til Jihad Do Us Part’ on BBC Radio 4, writer Shahi Hussain has penned two radio plays to air on the BBC Asian Network as a part of the ‘BBC Asian Network Presents’ strand.

The first will be a repeat of ‘Reality Check’ on Monday 27th December at 12:30. Starring the vocal talents of Lena Kaur and Junade Khan (playing siblings for the first time since Hollyoaks), ‘Reality Check’ tells the story of a girl who goes onto ‘Big Brother’ to confess to her family once and for all, the life she lives outside the house. However, when she realises the whole community is watching, offering her reality is a lot harder than she thought.

The second will be the premiere of ‘Resolutions’, which will feature three interweaving stories. One story is about a young woman who has been ostracised by her family and attempts to reconnect with them. The next story a DJ fed up of providing the musical backdrop to other people’s revelry, resolving to fall in love. The last story is about a lonely woman waiting for an international phone call from the children whose success has taken them abroad.

‘Resolutions’ will air on the BBC Asian Network at 18:00 on Wednesday 5th January.

Furthermore, Shahi has recently started writing a new blog on Bollywood, called ‘Technically Bollywood’. His first article has been published by the title of ‘How James Cameron Cracked The Bollywood Formula’. There are also plans to release a film adaptation of the successful play ‘Til Jihad Do Us Part’. Plus, Shahi is planning to develop a micro budget comedy web series called MeTube in 2011.