Two new channels eye this year launch

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Two new channels are looking to launch later this year if a Sky Digital carriage is agreed.

Aapna Channel, the first Pahari channel in the UK is looking at launching in October but could get delayed due to Sky’s long waiting list of EPG channel number handouts. The channel launched in Asia in June. An email to said; “By the looks of things it may well be February before we get onto the Sky platform. It may however happen earlier if we manage to buy an EPG privately.”

In other news, Delhi based Senior Group of Companies, is looking at rolling out its 24 hour Punjabi news channel in India, the UK, the US and Canada simultaneously, towards the end of the year. The company runs S1 (a Punjabi news channel in India), S1 Tadka is a music channel launching in September in India.