Two Asian females in ‘Big Brother 2007’


Two Asian females have entered the most infamous house in the UK – Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’.

The new series returned this evening, which for the first time saw an all female line-up of housemates. They will spend the next 13 weeks in the house for a chance to win a �70,000 grand prize.

The show, which was underfire earlier this year over a race row involving actress Shilpa Shetty, began at 21:00 with an on-air summary of findings made by media regulator Ofcom.

The TV watchdog ordered Channel 4 to show the results of the adjudication, primarily that the series had made “significant failings”.

The two Asian females that will share the ‘Big Brother’ experience are Nicky who has been described as gobby and argumentative. According to her bio on the ‘Big Brother’ website, Nicky speaks her mind at all times. A girl’s girl, it takes her up to four hours to get ready for a night out, and she definitely isn’t someone to mess with. “If people ignore me, I’ll release my inner bitch!” She thinks love is “for losers” and she really hates men and refers to them as “nasty little creatures”.

Shabnam is Asian female number two who has been described as a self-confessed ‘princess’. Shabnam loves to talk, talk, talk. She’s had an endless list of jobs being “far too creative to be tied down to mundane work”. She thinks she might irritate her housemates with her boundless energy and zest for life.

Will the Indian stamp left by former ‘Big Brother’ winner Shilpa Shetty help Nicky and Shabnam in winning the ‘Big Brother’ crown again? Keep it with for more updates.

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