Twitter expresses anger at Kangna Ranaut & Jim Sarbh’s “rape” joke at Cannes 2018

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Kangna Ranaut and Jim Sarbh have come under fire for a joke in reference to rape.

In the short clip, which seems to have surfaced from a party at the Cannes Film Festival, ‘Padmaavat’ star Jim Sarbh is heard saying, “I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option’.” Following this, Ranaut is seen laughing and clapping. The incident is said to be have taken place at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ranaut has been branded a “hypocrite” after she called out Salman Khan for his comment. At the time, she had said, “We all agree that it is a horrible thing to say; it is something which is extremely insensitive”. The actress has identified herself as a feminist and thus her reaction to the joke, seems surprising.

Others expressed their disgust at the two actors saying, “rape jokes are not funny’ and ‘rape is a dark word.”