Twinkle Khanna: “Bollywood is boring to me”


Twinkle Khanna may have found her voice as an author but has no interest in using it to talk about her past in Bollywood.

At a session hosted by the Young FICCI Ladies organization  (YFLO), Khanna spoke about her experience as an actress,“I was always a misfit. I would be knitting on the sets of my films or reading. My grandmother taught me how to knit and ours was a nice hippie household. Someone was always reading, or knitting or playing the guitar.”, adding that, “ I was never interested in fitting in.”

In terms of writing about the film industry Khanna expressed that she was not interested. “Bollywood is boring to me. I don’t write about it in my columns or short stories, I don’t find it interesting. I have seen it and why would I write about it. It is too familiar.”, she revealed, “I have worn hideous costumes, I have said terrible lines. I have danced and done all the pelvic thrusts. But I learnt how to laugh at myself and I think that is one of the reasons why I am here. Now I hope people will forget ‘Mela’ (2000) and remember me for my books.”, Deccan Chronicle reported.

Khanna’s latest book ‘Pyjamas are Forgiving’ released earlier this month. Speaking about the book, she said, “The pajama is a metaphor. It is very nice to be accommodating like pajamas are, but sometimes as women we let our drawstrings too loose and before we know it we are standing in our underwear.” This is her third book and first novel as an author.

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