TV99 to premiere Urdu film ‘The System’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'The System'
‘The System’

Free-to-air Asian broadcaster, TV99 on the Sky platform, has re-positioned itself as the destination of “new cinema of Pakistan” in UK and Europe.

In details provided to BizAsiaLive,com, the channel will now air Pakistani films after the industry’s revival. It will broadcast the World Television Premiere of the Urdu film ‘The System’ (2014) will take place on this Eid-Ul-Azha. It will be shown on Day 1 of Eid at 21:00. TV99 is also paying a tribute to Pakistani legendary actress Late Madam Shamim Araa this Eid by airing her classic film ‘Saalghira’ (1969).

TV99 has recently overhauled its programming after launching 16 new Pakistani dramas. Local programming has also witnessed a drastic change as well by introducing new shows such as ‘The Weekend Show’ and ‘The London Times’.

Away from that, the channel has got aggressive with its marketing by partnering up with films and events. It recently announced a deal to promote the latest Pakistani release ‘Actor In Law’, which stars Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat and Om Puri. Grand Showbiz is distributing the film across the UK and Europe and hosted a special screening of the film in London on Friday 9th September.

TV99 is now planning ahead for further Pakistani films to release in UK and Europe and will also go into productions of the feature films in near future.

TV99 is also set to re-sign to BARB for official UK ratings later this year.