TV stars talk about India achievements in last decade

Ashish Chowdhry shares Republic Day message
Ashish Chowdhry shares Republic Day message

Television actors talk about India�۪s greatest achievements in last ten years to coincide with India Republic Day.

Ashish Chowdhry – India�۪s advancement in technology really makes me feel proud. In India everything is available what one would get any international city. Technology wise progress is really quick be it mobiles or cars or other gadgets. India is a progressive nation and in last ten years that.

Rohit Bhardwaj – India is a progressive nation. The education system has become better. The metros in various cities are also a sign of progression. With new government I am expecting things to get better with less corruption and more opportunities.

Jay Soni ��� India is changing. The Modi Sarkar is the best thing to happen. The crime has reduced. Worli Sea link in Mumbai has made things easier.

Gaurav S. Bajaj – India is a very progressive nation. We in the last ten years have come a long way. The technology has evolved in a big way in India. The metros have come up in many cities making transportation easy for common man. Education system has also improved.

Gunjan Utreja ��� India has transformed into a superpower to reckon with in the past decade. We have moved ahead in all areas be it infrastructure…technology…education; entertainment. One of the greatest highlight of the decade was “mangalyaan” It was a proud moment for all Indians. It’s was a symbol of Indies capability and power.

Subuhi Joshi – India has emerged as a powerful country at international scenario…sum really prestigious awards achieved by Indians at engineering technology and scientific level…tremendous reforms have taken place at agricultural level..Mangalyaan is one of the greatest achievements of India…
Republic day means that I am living in my country where in spite of some problems ,I can speak my mind, I m free to do whatever I want to do. My country is run by my own people who we have elected and I have every right to raise my voice against any injustice

Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra – It just saddens me to see the current state of affair in our country. Our freedom fighters had given their blood and sweat to make our country independent and give us one of the best constitutions in the world. So I feel, this republic day one should remember the blood, energy and sweat of the fighters who gave up their lives for our nation. I really hope that each and every one of us begins to make use of the power and authority that lies with us for the betterment of our nation. I am proud to be an Indian.

Vivek Mishra – We have made much advancement in the field of health, and life expectancy has also gone up. The economy has grown several folds and India is now a country to be reckoned in the world stage. However being from the entertainment field I would like to focus more on my forte.

Adaa Khan – Different languages, different states, different cities but one vision, one identity and one nation make us all Indians. I am proud to be an Indian!! My message to the entire nation would be to spread love, prosperity, freedom and unity this 26th Jan and wave the Tiranga in each and every corner of India with pride!! A big Salute to the Indian army and the freedom fighters of our country!!

Veebha Anand – The success of Mars Orbiters mission on its very first attempt and after this India stood to be the fourth nation to do so. Moreover the only country in Asia. For me this is the biggest success of the decade. And Republic Day a happy holiday but at the same time it is also a realization that how far we have come and how we have to go.

Sandeep Anand – The most promising development has been the metro rail in metros. Also security measures in cities are better. Traveling in a city like Mumbai even in middle of night for women is safe. But the scope for improvement is very much there. Hope Modi Sarkar lives vies up to their promises.

BizAsia wishes readers a Happy India Republic Day!

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