TV stars share their Chocolate Day ideas

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Chocolate day 400x

Today is Chocolate Day and some well-known television celebrities share their ideas on how to spend the day with their partner, which leads up to Valentine’s Day.

NITI TAYLOR: I will let his refrigerator full with all different chooclate flavour ice creams, including Chocobars. I love Chocobars and will celebrate chocolate day eating up little of gifted ice cream.

SSHARAD MALHOTRA: I will make chocolate coffee for my girl myself and I am sure drinking it she will feel my love for her is too chocolatey.

MOHAMMAD NAZIM: I would love to gift her Cocoa Contour Makeup Palette. Girls do love makeup and whenever she will use it, she will feel me with the fragrance of chocolate and remember chocolate day.

ROOPAL TYAGI: A perfume that has undertones of chocolate. A chocolatey fragrance will help to celebrate the chocolate day.

SHASHANK VYAS: I would love to gift her lip loss which inputs chocolate flavour. So that it adds more chocolate fragrance in our romance.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Bodybuilding Supplements Nutritious Vitamin Rich Drink of Chocolate Flavour. I want my man to have a perfect body and nowadays boys are gym addicted so for sure he will love it.

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