TV stars remember Sridevi on her 1st death anniversary


On 24th February 2018, the iconic diva the queen of Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away, leaving her million of fans forever heartbroken. On her 1st death anniversary, a number of leading television stars have shared their memories of the actress.

Smiriti Kalra: Sridevi is my favorite actress. Nobody does comedy like her. I talk about her in the present tense as she lives in my heart. As a child I have grown up dancing on her songs- ‘ Mere Haathon Mein Nau-Nau Chudiyan Hai’ and ‘Morini Baangan Ma Bole‘. Through her films, she has made me laugh and cry and smile and giggle and I would want her to remember her like that.

Krishna Bharadwaj: I remember the first film of Sridevi I watched was Sadma on DD1 and remember I cried a lot. That character affected me so much that I fell ill. Sadma is my all-time most favorite film of Sridevi with Kamal Hassan, I learned what acting can be since childhood I wanted to be an actor and I was surprised with the character that so much can be done as an actor, he character in Sadma has always been with me.

Moon Banerrjee: I’m hardcore Sridevi admirer I remember watching Lamhe and Chandni more than 100 times there was a time I would enact a scene or dialogues from the movies with utmost ease and perform in front of my family. Sridevi is and will always be my favorite.

Piyush Sahdev: I have been a fan of Sridevi’s film from the ’90s. Mr. India has been one of my favorite and how she played Charlie Chaplin in the film it was not easy to portray Charlie Chaplin but she did it with such ease, she’s an inspiration to many. A few days back I watched Mom and the charisma of her onscreen presence doesn’t seem to fade.

Shashank Vyas: I have always loved her acting and how she’s been versatile in her career. She played every character with such conviction be it a comic role or a serious one. I have grown up watching her films like Nagina, Chalbaaz, Sadma, Lamhe, and Chandi being my most favorite.

Saurabh Pandey: An actor and a legend like Sridevi will never be born again and the amount of acting she has it was just crazy, Hindi was not her first language and still, she worked with the South and Hindi movies both and made a mark. I and my wife adore her acting and we wished we could meet her someday. My personal favorites are Mr.India and Lamhe, also Khudgavah, she was a phenomenal talent, a nuclear bomb of talent. It’s saddening that we lost her but she will always be remembered and she’ll be shining forever.

Rehaan Roy: Sridevi is the ultimate Queen of Bollywood. I clearly remember I had a huge crush on her in my childhood I fell immensely in love with her after watching Chandni…Not just Chandni .. in fact, Chalbaaz, Mr. India, Judaai, Nagina, and recently English Vinglish and Mom .. these are my all time favorites. Her movies have always been the best source of entertainment and as an actor, we have so much to learn from her. As it’s correctly said, actors never die, She is a legend and she will always remain the same for every one of us.

Adaa Khan: Sridevi was my favorite actress I loved her a lot and I used to watch all the films be it Chalbaaz, Mr. India’s Hawa Hawai was my favorite, Morni Baga Ma Bole in Lamhe and Mere Haathon Mein Nau Nau Chudiyan in Chandni. I took inspiration from her while working in Naagin, I looked up to her and I am happy that I worked into something that she had been a part of. She was very expressive, especially her eyes and I always try to do that, as an actor one should know to express from the eyes and that’s what I learned from her. I really look up to her and I hope she’s happy wherever she is May her soul rest in peace.

Rohitashv Gour: It was disheartening to lose Sridevi, she was a talented actress, dancer and what not she was a perfect heroine. I loved her film Sadma, the way she enacted in the film was so much heartbreaking. She was a very spontaneous actor. She even did a comic and serious role in the best way and her dancing skills are what the whole world admires.

Kishori Shahane Vij: I have been a huge fan of Sridevi she has been an icon for me, she was a huge star already when I started my acting career. My favourites from her career have been Chandni, Lamhe and Khudagavah her performances have been amazing. I think she was the only actress who got so many double role oriented films, while dancing also her performance was fantastic, her moves, her expressions I used to have a girl crush on her. She’s been a great inspiration and I was looking forward to her films. He performance in English Vinglish was brilliant. Chandni and Lamhe have been textbook for me for her acting, expression, and chirpiness.

Tinaa Dattaa: I have been a huge Sridevi fan since childhood, I remember watching her films Chandni, and Lamhe which have been a major textbook for me as I apsired becoming an actress. I took some inspiration for my first show from her films. It’s a great loss to the industry I only pray may her soul rest in peace.

Mahhima Kottary: Sridevi ji’s choice of characters in films was varied and potrayed all the roles so effortlessly! She is irreplaceable and I remember In my childhood I saw her film ‘Judaai’ and was mesmerized and awestruck by her performance. The sparkle in her eyes, charming personality & how convincingly she initially portrayed a negative character & turned positive later on Is commendable! One of my fav films of her!she will live forever in our hearts.

Ansh Bagri: It was really sad to know Sridevi is no more with us, she was the legendary actress, I have watched her films during 90s Chandni and Lamhe have been my favorite. She was a great dancer and been an aspiration, she has inspired many and even today when we watch her films they have been so impactful. She did different characters and they left a mark on everyone’s mind.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan: I remember Mr. India and how the song Kaate Nahin Kaatte song, she was a crush amongst the youth. My sisters and me we huge fans of her and we never missed any songs and I remember how her songs from Chandni and Lamhe were always and are still played at weddings and how her performances have been evergreen.

Abhishek Tewari: I met her during the shooting of this film ‘Farishtey’, when I was only 3 years old. The shoot was going on in the FRI, Dehradun, the area behind my house. I accidently, got lost in the crowd and went straight to the shooting area where her song was being shot. I can hardly say my name that time but I managed. An assistant of the film announced my name for my parents announcing a kid is lost and my mother tells she came and asked my name and got me to my parents and took care of me like an angel till my parents arrive. When my mother came she even asked do I watch her films I said yes!. One of the most cuttest interactions I had and a unforgettable childhood incident of my life. At that moment she came like a ‘Farista’ for help. It breaks my heart now. She were an angel of a person. It was too soon. I wish we would’ve met again and wished would’ve worked under her aura. She’ll always be missed.

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