&TV rapped for airing ‘Agneepath’ in afternoon


&TV UK has landed in trouble for broadcasting Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Agneepath’ in an afternoon slot in March, which Ofcom found “violent”,

&TV apologised and said that the post-watershed version of the film had been ���shown in error at the wrong time�۝. The Licensee explained that when it first received the film it checked its BBFC classification and ���decided to edit the film considerably to remove all post-watershed material to allow it to run pre-watershed�۝. However, &TV said that although both the edited and unedited versions for the film ���were correctly marked up in the system�۝ a member of staff ���in error scheduled the postwatershed version in the pre-watershed slot�۝. Asia T.V. said that this error had ���led to the individual concerned being disciplined�۝.

Ofcom noted that a warning caption was shown before the film, alerting viewers to the fact it contained scenes of violence. The provision of such information ��� while in
principle useful to viewers ��� was not, in itself, sufficient to justify the broadcast of very violent material well before the watershed. In our opinion the violence in this film far exceeded the expectations of the audience for this general entertainment channel broadcasting at this time.

Ofcom took into account that the Licensee had intended to broadcast pre-watershed an edited version of this 15-rated film. However, we were concerned that even with significant cuts the film�۪s overarching violent, menacing and adult tone may have still resulted in this film being unsuitable for broadcast at this time. Ofcom urges all licensees to approach the scheduling pre-watershed of films classified ��15�۪ by the BBFC with caution and to consider in each case whether, even if cuts are made, they are suitable for pre-watershed broadcast.

Ofcom said it was concerned that the Licensee did not appear to have procedures in place to prevent the erroneous broadcast of the unedited version of this violent and potentially distressing film in the afternoon.

It was found in breaches of Rules 1.3 and 1.11.

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