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Tushar Tyagi’s real-life inspired ‘Saving Chintu’ eyeing Oscars 2021

The decriminalistion of homosexuality in India in 2018 was a life-changing event for many. However, the battles for homosexual couples within the country didn’t end there as many may have imagined. As such, Tushar Tyagi’s ‘Saving Chintu’ gives a real-life inspired glance at the emotional intricacies of an LGBTQ couple trying to build a family. The makers hope to enter the film in the live action short category in next year’s Oscars.

The 30-minute short film follows the story of a queer couple, Olivar and Sam, who go to India from New York to illegally adopt Chintu, a child suffering from HIV-AIDS.

“I was very close to my doctor in Los Angeles. Back in 2016, at a dinner, I got to know that he was illegally adopted by his American parents from India. As a child suffering from malnourishment and tuberculosis, his parents wanted the process to complete as quickly as possible in order to treat his ailments”, said Tyagi, talking to Indian Express.

The film was recently screened at Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, Out on Film Atlanta festival in September and will be seen on South Asian Film Festival of Cincinnati in October.

It features Adil Hussain, who is known to take up some powerful depictions in short films.