Tunisha Sharma’s mother hits back at Sheezan Khan’s family

Azha Khan



Tunisha Sharma’s mother, Vanita Sharma has hit back at a recent press conference held by Sheezan Khan’s family.

In various interviews given this weekend, Vanita refuted claims made by Khan’s family. Earlier in the week, Sheezan’s sister Falaq Naaz alleged, “Tunisha did not want to work, she wanted to travel. But her mother could not take care of her. They never gave her money, Tunisha had to beg her mother for even small amounts like ₹ 500. Tunisha Sharma would have been alive today if her mother had taken care of her properly.”

Responding to this, Vanita said, “I sent her ₹ 3 Lakh within 3 months. She wasn’t short of money & all her needs were met. She later borrowed money from friends. Maybe Sheezan took drugs & was imposing the habit on her. His car broke down & he used my car for a month.”

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She added, “We shared a perfect relationship…Sheezan’s mother can’t tell me about my relationship with her (Tunisha). I don’t need to explain to anyone.”

Tunisha passed away by suicide on 24th December 2022. Sheezan’s bail hearing in the case is due on Monday 9th January 2023.