Tulsi Kumar inspires new mothers with her weight loss journey

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Tulsi Kumar has been making news for all the right reasons. Whether it was her strong stance against gender discrimination or her performance on the digital music show T series Mixtape and blockbuster songs like Tu Laung Main Elaichi, Soch na Sake, Paaniyon Sa, she is known to be a strong, independent woman. Along with being a working professional, the singer is also a new mother with a one and a half year old baby boy. Having found her way through her career and personal life, she understands the plight and struggle of new mothers and losing the post-pregnancy weight. In an industry where looks are just as important as talent, it was imperative for her to get back in shape. Her journey is an inspiration for all the new working mothers out there.

“There is nothing more fulfilling than being a mother. But it does come with its challenges – one of them being the extra weight that one carries well past the baby’s arrival. Yes, that has been my struggle too and something most mothers will relate to. Today, nearly a year and a half later I want to share that I have managed to climb this mountain with some success. My motherhood inspired me to do this. And to all mothers you can do this as well”, she concluded.