Tragedy will strike the Masoods this Christmas on ‘EastEnders’ as Yusef Khan – the evil doctor – time on the show comes to an end.

In episodes to be aired during Christmas week, the Masood-Zainab-Yusef storyline reaches its climax. Yusef will convince Zainab to move to Pakistan to start a new life with him and her son Kamil, which will lead to a ‘very dangerous’ situation.

A source told Inside Soap magazine, “‘Zainab’s starting to see Yusef’s dark side and it’s a terrifying thing to behold. He’s beginning to get violent now, and the situation Zainab finds herself in is very dangerous.”

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) set out to rescue her from his control, but it will lead to one of the Masood family having to ‘pay the ultimate price’ for Yusef’s ‘wickedness’.

The insider added, “There’s a lot of intrigue in the build-up to the climax. This story’s going to go in some very interesting directions. Zainab’s a desperate woman, and her problems are set to embroil other people in the whole sorry situation. If Yusef took Zainab and Kamil away, Masood could lose them forever. He really needs to find them. But in yet another twist, someone will pay the ultimate price for Yusef’s wickedness so who’s going to die?”