Tiger Shroff breaks record for longest one-shot hand-to-hand combat scene

BizAsia Correspondent



The upcoming movie ‘War’ will be achieving a new feat of a one-shot action scene lasting over two minutes, headed by star Tiger Shroff.

Commenting on the the scene, director Siddharth Anand said to Mid-Day, “It is a 2.30 min long, jaw-dropping, intense hand to hand combat sequence that has been shot in one shot by Tiger. The entire action sequence was shot in one shot without any cuts”.

Anand added, “Tiger will be seen on a rampage as he will take down an army of people, with his bare hands. It’s going to be an adrenaline-pumping entry for Tiger and we hope the audiences will love it”.

Concluding his statement with praise for Shroff, Anand expressed, “He [Shroff] has entertained audiences with his brilliant skills and we wanted to show people something so raw that it will blow their minds. So we came up with an idea that will stun audiences with his entry sequence.

It is not easy to do an intense combat scene like this in one shot and Tiger fully committed himself into it. He prepped and practised and rehearsed, again and again, to ensure that he was ready to do it in one shot. And on the day of the shoot, he was flawless”.

‘War’ releases on 2nd October; stay with BizAsiaLive.com for more updates on the movie.

By Arjen Gill