Three new launches on Geo UK this month

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Geo UK is launching three new shows later this month.

The first launches on Saturday 15th January called ‘Chemistry’, which is a serial about the chemistry between friends, lovers, spouses, teachers and their students as well as between parents and children. ‘Chemistry’ also narrates how parents�۪ decisions disrupt, disturb and destroy their children�۪s lives as they force their decisions on them.

The second will be ‘Uraan’ starting on Friday 28th January. ‘Uraan’ is the story of Sana, Rabiya and Ayesha, three educated Pakistani women and total strangers to each other. However, by a twist of fate, they eventually find themselves linked to each other in the most shocking way imaginable. A serial that not only deals with the issues of marriage, divorce and domestic violence but also recognizes the strength, talent and courage of the modern Pakistani woman.

The final new show for this month will be ‘Hum Tum’ on Saturday 28th January. It’s about two old friends Asif and Shagufta who meet each other after a long time and come to know about each other�۪s circumstances. Shagufta�۪s husband had divorced her while Asif�۪s wife died at the time of their third child. They decide to marry each other but their teenage children oppose this. The story comes to a point where, due to the narrow-minded voices of the society, new relations are not allowed to prosper in order to save old ones.

The channel has also confirmed the telefilms lined up for this month on Geo UK. Amongst these are ‘Chaoon’, ‘Shahana’, ‘Zindagi’, ‘Kushagan-E-Shab’ and ‘Dohra’.