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‘The Big Bull’ producer Anand Pandit ensures sets safety with Covid-19 watchdogs

As producer Anand Pandit and his team gear up for the final schedule of ‘The Big Bull’, one crucial category has been added to the preparations – that of COVID-19 watchdogs. This will be a group of medical experts who will screen and monitor the sets to make sure that all the necessary safeguards are in place.

Pandit explains why this was important, “I am concerned about the health of my cast and crew. At no point will the safety of my unit take a backseat during shooting. These COVID-19 experts will watch over every health precaution being taken on the sets.”

Pandit and his crew are yet to wrap up Abhishek Bachchan’s ‘The Big Bull’ which will release on OTT platform Disney Hotstar later this year. Junior Bachchan had earlier tested positive for COVID-19, has recovered, and will soon start shooting.

Pandit is eager to get back into the swing of things and says, “The industry has to get back on its feet and hence shootings have resumed but we cannot slip at all when it comes to guarding ourselves against the virus. I am looking forward to finishing the shoot of ‘The Big Bull’ but at no point, will there be any compromise as far as the well-being of any artiste or technician is concerned .”

The film unit will strictly adhere to guidelines like wearing masks and face shields. There will be sanitization tunnels at all entry points, all surfaces will be sanitized and everyone will have to wash their hands at fixed intervals. Pandit will also restrict the number of visitors, regulate the movement on the set, and try to finish the remaining schedule at one go so that the pitfalls of traveling during the pandemic can be avoided.