‘Tamasha’ gets censored


Matargashti - Tamasha - Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor

As filmmakers attempt to tell stories that portray more of a sense of realism, it seems that there’s a lot that is holding them back. Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Tamasha’ for instance has come under the censorboard radar from the Central Board of Film Certification, and has been scrutinized for some dialogues that for audiences could carry the essence of the film.

With the script including some words and phrases that may cause offence to some,��Deccan Chronicle reported a source revealing “They were fun lines- the way young people talk when in a group. At a point, a character makes a veiled reference to masturbation, which the censor board did not want. ‘din mein sister raat mein bister – is one of the dialogues that did not receive the nod from the board.”

“The CBFC said they were shocked at these innuendos in an Imtiaz Ali film. But we suggested that the board members listen to how the young speak in real life,” the source went on to add.

Going onto elaborate how strict the board are being, the source explained, “They even said a woman can�۪t be referred to as ��saali�۪. We want to know how the earlier censor panel passed the title ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ (2011) or what would they say to the classic Dilip Kumar number ‘Saala, Mein Toh Sahab Ban Gaya’ in the film ‘Sagina’ (1974).”

For a while film makers have always tried to target the younger market in order to reflect what they can relate to. It seems that these film makers are just going to have to work their way around the censor board in order to try and keep their younger audiences to watch their movies.

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