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Tahira Kashyap: “I should deserve to direct Ayushmann, he is my senior”

Tahira Kashyap well known for her books, like ‘I Promise” (2011), has found her true calling in direction. She has directed her first short film ‘Toffee’ that has been produced by husband Ayushmann Khurrana and casting director Mukesh Chhabra. While this film doesn’t star her husband, she is looking forward to directing him.

To Hindustan Times, Kashyap said, “He is the first person I narrate everything that I write to. For instance, I have written three scripts that he has read, I am like the censor board at home. We are very blunt, honest, and upright when it comes to professional work. In our personal space, we may be equals but in the professional space, he is my senior. So, I should deserve to direct him. When I write my scripts, I don’t construct my characters to particular actors because everyone comes with their own personality. Only once my characters are etched out or when my story is read, do I think of whoever would be able to do justice to it. At least, that’s what I think right now. I don’t know what would happen two or three years later. It’s a completely different feeling to see your characters really coming to life out of the book and bring a whole lot of emotions. I am delighted and thrilled to have explored the medium. I was all jittery and nervous on the sets but somehow, I knew what I wanted to say and what my characters have to do.  ”

‘Toffee’ is close to Kashyap’s heart as its story is  something she has witnessed first hand. “The issue has always been very close to heart because I saw it happen in front of my own eyes. As a child, for summer vacations, I used to go to a small town, Basti Sheikh in Jalandhar where my maternal grandparents stayed. It was the 90’s so there was no Facebook, social media or Google, television but incessant power cuts. The only way to have fun was to step out of the house and so, I made a friend, Ritu and it didn’t matter from which class and society she was from. The idea was just to have fun. Ritu’s daily chore included wrapping toffees to help her earn Rs 100, which would be a support to her family.”

‘Toffee’ premiered at Jio MAMI today.